KKRN FM, is a volunteer-based, listener-supported radio station fostering positive social change and healthy communities by entertaining, informing and educating through diverse music, culture, news, and public affairs programming.

Committee Members

KKRN Community Radio is a locally operated non-commercial educational radio station. The FCC license for KKRN is owned by Acorn Community Enterprises, a non-profit corporation located in Round Mountain, CA which exists to support the many little communities in the foothills east of Redding, CA.

Members of the communities in our listening area are the volunteers that put and keep KKRN on the air. The volunteers work together on various committees to do the work of the station. We have created our own governance documents that define the governing bodies for KKRN and the roles and responsibilities of each committee, the volunteer job descriptions, our principles of operation, and the way we make decisions about KKRN.

The governing bodies are: The KKRN Radio Council, the KKRN Program Committee and The Acorn Community Enterprises Board of Directors which existed for about ten years before the idea of a local community radio station had come along. The documents are The KKRN Organizational Manual and the Programmers Handbook.

The current members of the Acorn and KKRN governing bodies are:

KKRN Radio Council:

  • Ellen Sugg, Station Management/Acorn Board Representative
  • Terri Orwig
  • Marcia Rideout
  • Bobbi Tryon
  • Mary Anne Pearson, Station Management
  • Moss, Station Management

KKRN Program Committee:

  • Gary Orwig
  • Paul Findlay
  • Ellen Sugg
  • Lili DuBois
  • Andy Dadmun

Acorn Community Enterprises Board of Directors:

  • Ellen Sugg, Chairperson
  • Will Pasley, Vice-Chairperson
  • Terri Orwig, Secretary
  • Jim Dowling,Treasurer
  • Jamie Stenlund

If you wish to know more about the committees or the governance of KKRN, please call Acorn/KKRN's office at 530-337-1101 or email ellen@kkrn.org.