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Bending the Arc: Alan Ernesto Phillips and the Hate Crimes Task Force 8 9 22

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In this episode, I was in conversation with community leader and artist Alan Ernesto Phillips.  Alan was born and raised in Shasta County and has lead nonprofit efforts, worked in media and film production, supported the early development of the Northern Hispanic Latino Coalition, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Shasta County District Fair.  We discuss several of these experiences and focus on his role as member of the Califorina Department of Justice's Hate Crimes Task Force. You can learn more about the work of the Task Force here.

You can reach Alan by email at aepili@charter.net  Alan nores that evidence is key and that he cannot act on unsubstantiated cases/complaints of Hate Crimes or Hate Speech, and isn't always able to reply to all questions, but will try. 

Alan is also a musician and plays in the local band Mumblefinger.

Our conversation exceeded the time allotted for the show; come back to the archives for a bonus track of additional stories Ala shared during our discussion.

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