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Wake-Up Call: Given Half a Chance with Edward Davey

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Given Half a Chance is both a snapshot of our world and a call to arms, setting out the most pressing environmental challenges that we face while making a passionate case for why we need to meet them.

From fields of solar panels in Nevada to the flourishing agricultural landscapes of Ethiopia; from the traditional water harvesters of northern Rajasthan to Britain’s inspiring waste campaigners; from the savannas of Northern Kenya teeming with elephants to the clear skies above Scandinavian cities, amazing things are happening right now across the world. People are acting with hope and courage, against all the odds, to make things better.

The challenge before us is to go to scale and to replicate these successful approaches elsewhere, fast: this book draws on firsthand experience and interviews with many of the world’s leading experts to show how.

Edward Davey is Director of the Geographic Deep Dives of The Food and Land Use Coalition, a global initiative to transform the world's food and land use systems, co-led by WRI. Edward is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Coalition's in-depth country work in Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, China, India and Australia, working in partnership with WRI colleagues and other local partners. He is also a contributor to the Coalition’s forthcoming Global Report, as well as to the food and land use chapter of the New Climate Economy’s flagship 2018 report.

Prior to joining WRI, Edward was Senior Programme Manager at The Prince of Wales' International Sustainability Unit, where he co-led a number of international initiatives on REDD+, zero deforestation commodity supply chains, forest landscape restoration and climate change. Prior to the ISU, he served as Lead Adviser on Environment in the Colombian Presidency's International Cooperation Office in Bogotá. He began his career as a Researcher at Oxfam and for the UN Human Development Report, and also spent a number of years working for a humanitarian organization working in the Middle East.

Edward has a Master's with Distinction in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and an Undergraduate Degree in Modern Languages (French and Spanish) from the University of Oxford.

Edward is married to Davina, who works in public health, and father to Oliver Laszlo Davey, born on 28th April 2017. They have a chocolate Labrador named Rosie and live in North West London. His book ‘Given Half a Chance: Ten Ways to Save the World’ was published in Spring 2019.

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