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Community Works Radio: Friends of the Intermountain Library

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On a special extra and shortened edition of Community Works Radio, Ellen Sugg interviews Pat Pell and Fran Collins, board members of FOIL, Friends of the Intermountain Library. For many years FOIL members have worked to move the current Shasta County Library in Burney to a new location. A large part of the money has been set aside from donations by the Wind Mill Project to town of Burney. The Shasta County Supervisors have been holding the money for the project. On April 16,  FOIL will be on the County Supervisors agenda to report on their progress in raising the additional funds to complete the project. If the supervisors do agree to release the money, it will be used to buy a building on Main Street.

The Supervisors meeting will be on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 9:00 AM. It will be held at 1450 Court St. in Redding. For more information about the meeting or FOIL, you can call 530-335-7236.

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