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Playing In Order All Of Billboard's Smooth Jazz Number One Songs From 2018 + Some New Releases

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I will play all of billboard’s number one smooth jazz songs from 2018. This past year there was a nice mix of the old and the new. We saw number ones from new artists in the first year or two of their careers and from veteran performers that have produced decades of great music. Three of the artists pianist Brian Culbertson, sax man Boney James, and guitarist Adam Hawley had two number one hits this past year.

Towards the end of this program, I had some time remaining. You will hear some of the absolute latest new releases. Including  a selection from the September 14th release of the album Love Is Here To Stay that topped the charts for an unbelievable eight straight weeks in a row late last year as Billboard’s number one jazz album.  Sure to be one of the great celebrated duets of all time, Diana Krall and 92 year old icon Tony Bennett have combined their incredible voices on this album of twelve songs.This album has been nominated for two Grammys one for the album and one for the song S’Wonderful played on a previous program. 

I also have a selection from the November 16th release from Acoustic Alchemy featured on our program 37. It is a fantastic easy listening album titled Thirty Three And A Third.

Our close tonight is a teaser to try to entice you to not miss next week's program.  I good deal of the fun I have found in doing this program is what I have learned about the artists. I found many interesting stories  that I have tried to pass on to you. I hope you have enjoyed this as well. None have been more of a surprise and pleasure than my most recent discovery. Here comes the teaser. I am not going to tell you who the pianist and the group are that are playing this song. If you know drop me a line at smoothside@kkrn.org.  I’ll be back next week with the answer, more music from this fantastic album, and a great story. Hope to see you then.

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