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    Show 69, 05-22-2024

    Inspired by the Global Village
    program, heard on Thursdays at 2PM, this week’s show is meant to portray
    Australia as a musical global village.

    Intro: Roulette - Dom Mariani and the Majestic Kelp, Underwater Casino, 2003

    West Papua (Merdeka mix), and


    songs by George Telek from his 2010 album Akave. Telek is from one of
    Australia’s nearest northern neighbors, Papua New Guinea. He made the
    album in Australia, produced by Victorian musician David Bridie.

    Girl Magik - Sampa the Great, from her 2017 album Birds and the BEE9.
    Sampa Tembo was born in Zambia, grew up in Botswana, went to school in
    California, and moved to Australia in 2013 where she launched a career
    in music.

    Native Tongue - Mo’Ju, the title track of a 2018 album. The lyrics talk about the singer’s family history and heritage.

    Nikriz - Joseph Tawadros and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, live at the
    Sydney Opera House in 2020. Tawadros was born in Egypt and his family
    came to Australia when he was three. He is a master of the oud, a
    Middle-Eastern instrument, usually with 11 strings.

    Rhythm And
    Sound - Miriam Lieberman, from her 2010 album This Is the Story. She is
    from Sydney Australia but lived in West Africa for a couple of years
    studying the music and culture. She also learned to play the kora, a
    musical instrument made from a large cowhide-wrapped gourd and with 21

    Cry For Me - Marcus Hook Roll Band, in which George
    Young, from Scotland, and Harry Vanda (full name Johannes Hendrikus
    Jacob van den Berg), from the Netherlands, keep busy after the demise of
    the Easybeats. According to some reports, George’s young brothers
    Malcolm and Angus played on this 1973 album, titled Tales of Old

    Walking In the Rain - Flash And the Pan, AKA Vanda
    and Young, a 1976 single and it was also on their 1978 debut album.
    Grace Jones covered it on her 1981 album Nightclubbing.

    Sorry -
    the Easybeats, the lead single off Volume 3, their 1966 album. Along
    with Vanda and Young, the Easybeats were Stevie Wright, lead singer,
    drummer Gordon "Snowy" Fleet, both from Britain, and bassist Dick
    Diamonde, from the Netherlands. Check out the 2017 Australian ABC
    TVEasybeats miniseries titled Friday On My Mind.

    You Aint Got A
    Hold On Me - AC/DC in there, from their 1975 debut LP High Voltage.
    Produced by Vanda and Young, recorded in Sydney in 1974.

    World - the Visitors, from an album they recorded in 1979 that wasn’t
    released until 1983. The band was led by Deniz Tek, who came to
    Australia from Michigan to become a doctor and along the way founded
    Radio Birdman, one of the most influential Australian bands of the late

    Aint Got No Soul - Geoffrey Williams, from his 2012 album
    Yes Is the Answer!. London born, he now lives in central Victoria.
    Singer, songwriter and multi-imstrumentalist, his songs have also been
    covered by the likes of Michael Jackson and Dusty Springfield.

    (Ancestors) - Larry Maluma, the title track of a 2013 EP. From Zambia,
    he came to Australia in 1985 and immediately began making a career in

    Road Trip - Adrian Kosky, from his 2006 album The High Side
    Of the Low End. Kosky, true-blue Aussie, and his wife Carla, from the
    USA, are often on the road, splitting their time between Daylesford,
    Victoria, and Clarksdale, Mississippi, where they operate the Holy Moly,
    a building, a business and a community center.

    Outro - Chicken Omelette, by Baby Langston, from their acclaimed 1998 album

    Down Under Hour