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On Mindfulness E9: Susana Grabiel & Poetry

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On this episode I speak with poet and beautiful human Susana Ayala-Grabiel.  She writes:

"In Ecuador, I grew up with the presence of the majestic Andes range. The mountains taught me to observe the dramatic changes in the geography, the vegetations, the weather patterns and invited me into the Mystery of the creation.

The beauty of nature has been my companion and teacher. I explored the Eastern Sierras in California, with a pack on my back. The combination of discipline and hard work required to arrive to the alpine lakes, taught me reverence, yes, reverence for the resilience of the body and the resistance of the geography.

As a teacher, I learned about the importance of allowing the creative energy to be expressed in any form. After retiring, I turned to the visual arts as a vehicle for healing myself! Now I have clarity about my choice of engaging the creative process to reflect and to discern with clarity about any difficult event in my life. Retirement also gave the time to write. It began with journaling and then it moved into a poetic expression.  The poets, that I had been reading for so long, opened the gates of the imagination and of the heart. Yes, as if the gates had been opened, the words began to flow!

Other mindfulness practices in my daily life include hiking, swimming, gardening, cooking. Yes, I need to move to care for my health! I do it mindfully!"

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