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The first new Smooth Jazz album release of 2022 is out and on our airwaves. Soon much more will be out and played here.

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Those of you that are familiar with this program will know that our first hour will be devoted to the absolute latest releases in Smooth Jazz. Hour two will begin by playing Billboard’s top three songs in Smooth Jazz to be followed by entering the vault to listen to some of the classic music from year’s past from this format.

Recently I have been playing some of the releases from late last year while we wait for the great number of new releases that are sure to flow out shortly. And on January 14th our first new album of 2022 was released. It is from one of Smooth Jazz's most prolific artists, pianist Brian Culbertson. I so enjoyed his excellent music from 2018’s Colors Of Love, 2019’s Winter Stories, 2020’s XX, and 2020’s Music from the Hang, his pandemic at home YouTube show. Then in 2021 he released The Trilogy Part 1 Red, the first of a three album project. On January 14th he released the second album of that project The Trilogy Part 2 Blue.  The first song on that album is Brian Culbertson’s favorite. If you watch the video of him playing it, his entire anatomy deeply gets into the music. That first song, our first listen from The Trilogy Part 2 Blue, is his song A Love Lost.

Thank you for your continuing support of KKRN and this program.

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