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The magic of music+The latest new releases in Smooth Jazz+2nd hour with an interesting artist that submited a song to my email

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I saw an interesting interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with Paul McCartney. While various stories from McCartney’s career with the Beatles were extremely interesting, I found a statement by Colbert to be what really had meaning to me.He stated that for him it is much easier to interview politicians and other personalities. He said that when it comes to music, artists remain a mystery to him. He said that there is some magic to music where the artist is able to reach inside of our hearts, our minds, and our souls and to change something in you. He said that is real magic. Paul McCartney readily agreed. I don’t think it was ever stated better.

The very latest new releases in smooth jazz from David Benoit, Rick Braun, Joyce Cooling, Rocco Ventrella, Walter Beasley, Nicholas Cole, Herb Alpert, Philippe Saiss, and Eric Darius.

Billboard's top three songs in Smooth Jazz played in the middle of the first hour. We have a new number one.

The second hour is devoted to classics in smooth jazz. Our classic among classics will feature the keys of Bob James. 

In the second hour right after five in a row, I will play a interesting work from an artist that submitted a song to my email. He plays an instrument I had not heard of before but I am all for good music and I liked it. His name is Cornell Kinderknecht (Kin-der-connect). He is an award-winning recording artist that  plays world indigenous flutes and woodwinds as well as piano and keyboards. His music is easy listening. He has released six albums. This song is from a re-release of his third album Nightfall. On the song I am about to play his instrument is The Irish whistle, a simple, six-holed woodwind instrument that’s been traced to Northern Europe as far back as the early Middle Ages. In today’s music, the Irish whistle continues to provide a traditional voice to Celtic and folk tunes, as well as lending its distinctive sound to contemporary new age, jazz and pop genres. His song is titled Gratitude.

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