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Scratched Up Radio Theater presents "SCRATCHED UP": The Play

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For our October episode, Scratched Up Radio Theater presents "Scratched Up", the play that gave our program its name. Written by Bill Siemer and directed by Chris Gomez, "Scratched Up" is a slice of life at Slab City, in the Mojave Desert. Residents live there for various reasons, including being unable to fit in or being just tired of life in the system.

The cast includes Bob Christensen as the narrater, Craig Boyer as Cornmeal, Terri Orwig as Half Pint, Charlie Finkel as Bus, Laura Christensen as Berl, Ian Dalziel as Moth, Ragan Ragan as Woody, Linda Ragan as Penny, Jim Dowling as Mike, Don Tamblyn as James. The program is hosted by Dickie Magidoff with technical production by Lili Dubois.

"Scratched Up", The Play aired Tuesday October 22nd, at 8:00 PM.

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