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Scratched Up Radio Theater presents "Taggers" and "To Burdon A King"

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Scratched Up Radio Theater presents two plays by local playwrights, "Taggers" and "To Burdon A King". They aired on Tuesday August 20th 2019, at 8:00 PM, on KKRN 88.5 FM.

"Taggers", written by Dax Monstro aka Charlie Finkle, features Elizabeth Caccia, Chloe Freeland, Dustin Davis, Keith Rose, Nick Brown, John Welsh, and is narrated by Don Tamblyn; it's about a gang of urban vandals who meet a couple of tough customers.

"To Burdon A King", written by Yla Williams and adapted for radio by Bob Christensen, features Jacob McDuffey, Julia Cushman, Cole Cassell and Ragan Ragan. It's the story of a troubled young monarch who is struggling with his personal dilemmas, and with trying to make the best decisions for his subjects.

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