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"Under The Big Top" on Scratched Up Radio Theater

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It's summer, and Scratched Up Radio Theater is taking you to the circus, with the Jack Lawless play "Under The Big Top"! The Baker Family's circus has recently been plagued by several mysterious accidents. But are they REALLY accidents? Who's behind them? Rumors fly that the circus is in financial trouble. Is there any hope for the future of the circus?

The cast includes:
Laura Christensen as Dorothy Baker the circus owner
Linda Ragan as Madame Zenobia the tarot reader
Julia Cushman as Judy Baker the acrobat
Kaxia Wilkins as Marian the lion tamer
Jorin Antero-Towle as Jingo the clown
Ragan Ragan as Vernon Decker the ringmaster
Kim Mobley as Lulu Crawford
Ian Daziel as Flying Floyd the aerialist

"Under The Big Top", written by Jack Lawless, is adapted and directed by Ragan Ragan, and is hosted by Dickie Magidoff, with technical production by Lili DuBois. It will air on Tuesday June 25th at 8 PM. It's a suspenseful old style radio melodrama, heard only on KKRN 88.5 FM, and at kkrn.org online.

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