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Zapped [1838] - 11.23.2018

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Set list for Zapped show #1838. Air date 11.23.2018

[Intro] Hot Poop

  1. "Starless and Bible Black" by King Crimson
  2. "Let's Make the Water Turn Black" by Frank Zappa
  3. "Black Mountain Side" by Led Zeppelin
  4. "Freaky Black Greetings" by Mos Def
  5. "Blackhole" by Beck
  6. "Black Page #1" by Frank Zappa
  7. "Theme From The Black Hole" by Parliament
  8. "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath
  9. "Black Napkins" by Frank Zappa
  10. "Laguna Sunrise" by Black Sabbath
  11. "Blackbird" by The Beatles

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