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Fall pledge drive show + new work from Paul Taylor, Kim Scott, Jimmy B, and more

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For this week I will continue to play the absolute latest Smooth Jazz releases and classic old from this format. First up is from the November 5th release of the album And Now This from saxophonist Paul Taylor. 

I have been a big fan of his music since hearing him play live at the Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, California. He has performed with The Rippingtons but his solo career did not take off until he was discovered at the Catalina Island Jazz Festival by Keiko Matsui. Keiko and her husband hired him to play in her band and ignited his career.   I will play the saxophone of Paul Taylor from his new album with Friday@5.

The flute is not one of the most popular instruments in Smooth Jazz. Still there are three lady flautists that have topped Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Charts on several occasions. These three talented ladies combined forces on the release of a single on August 27th. This week that single reached number six on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz chart with a plus 25 in radio airplay indicating it will soon go higher. That new single is Kim Scott, Althea Rene, and Ragan Whiteside with I’m Every Woman. 

This week a song from three artists that I know little about moved up to be Billboard’s number four song in Smooth Jazz. I really like their song but I could find very little about them on the internet. Here is all I could find. Guitarist Jimmy B  is a Sierra Leonean musician, filmmaker, producer and entertainer. Ahmed Noegos, I could find little on this artist including the correct pronunciation of his name. The third artist is Phillip L. Moore. There are several Phillip Moores on the internet, yet I could find nothing specifically about him. So while I continue to search for more information about them to pass on to you, let’s enjoy their hit song. Billboard’s number four song in Smooth Jazz this week is Jimmy B, Ahmed Noegos, and Phillip L. Moore with In The Wind. 

Thank you for your continuing support of KKRN and this show.

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