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More on Craig Chaquico's Shasta Lake City concert + info & music on his project for the National Park Service where he explores the musical soul of our region

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I have additional information from the feature I did last week on Grammy nominated acoustic guitarist Craig Chaquico. We were blessed to hear his performance in Shasta Lake City on September 14th where he played both smooth jazz, his current love, for the first half of his show and was then joined with musicians and vocalists from his previous band Starship from his career as a rock musician.

It was a rare opportunity to hear live smooth jazz in our area from a famous artist. Those in attendance were very enthusiastic and many danced close to the stage while thoroughly enjoying both the smooth jazz and the rock music. Chaquico’s vocalist flew in from North Carolina for the show.

After that show I looked into what Craig Chaquico has been doing since his last album release of Fire Red Moon in 2012. He is currently working on a CD project with the National Park Service. Chaquico grew up in Sacramento. He spent a lot of memorable time camping and vacationing in our area during his youth. His current project is exploring the musical soul of Northern California and Southern Oregon with what he calls and will be the title of his project, The Circle Of Discovery.

He recently recorded songs for this project on site at some of the amazing features in our area, the redwoods, Oregon caves, Crater Lake, Lava Beds, Mt Lassen, and Whiskeytown. I have a double listen of music for you from this CD. First will be Sacred Ground followed by Return Of The Eagle.

I love the sound of Craig Chaquico’s acoustic guitar. This work will be a huge benefit to the National Park Service. I will play the biggest hit of Chaquico’s career at the conclusion of our show tonight.

I have new releases from Skinny Hightower, Kim Waters, Jazz Holdouts,  Paul Brown, Jonathan Butler, The Jeff Lorber Fusion, and Steve Oliver.

I will; play Billboard's top three songs in smooth jazz in the middle of the first hour.

The second hour is devoted to playing the best of the classic old in smooth jazz.

Our conclusion will be Craig Chaquico's biggest hit. It was initially recorded as a rock song and later redone as smooth jazz. Naturally I have the smooth jazz version.

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