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Basia First New Release In Nine Years - New 2018 Nine Brand New Songs From Nine Different Artists + Top Three Songs In Smooth Jazz

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Our expanded segment featuring the absolute latest in smooth jazz, includes brand new 2018 releases not previously played on this program from the piano of Dan Siegel’s album Origins, the trumpet of Lin Rountree’s album Stronger Still with the piano of Skinney Hightower, the sax of Marion Meadows’s album Soul Traveler, guitarist Nils from his album Play accompanied by the sax of Steve Cole, vocalist Lindsey Webster from her album Love Inside, the guitar of Chris Standring’s album Sunlight, the guitar of Adam Hawley’s album Double Vision, and the trumpet of Greg Adams and East Bay Soul from their album Conversation.


An early listen to a selection from a not yet released album Butterflies, due out in May. This is the first release of new work from Basia in nine years.

I will play Billboard’s top three songs in smooth jazz this week.

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